Operations Summary 2018

The 2018 operating season was another action packed year here at MM&S!

We fired up our wash plant / dredging operation in the spring of the year and improved it’s functionality by adding an Albright Classifying Tank. This allows us to control the spec of our various aggregate products in a much higher capacity than we have in the past and we are able to dial in our sieve analysis results to create various kinds of spec for masonry and 2NS sands.

Another addition we made to our wash plant was to add an additional sand cyclone between our 2NS and mason stackers. This new cyclone creates a cone of material and produces 10-12 tons of cyclone sand per hour. The cyclone has a 24″ diameter with 3″ apex. This addition will help us create additional sand for our clients. We also leveled off a good portion of our M-15 property for the future Forest Estates gated community.

We added a power washer to our main shop in Otisville. This allows us to better maintain our fleet of equipment by quickly spraying off any mud or corrosive minerals such as calcium chloride that might end up on our equipment after use. This allows us to stretch out the viability of our equipment without worrying about various parts rusting out due to not being properly cleaned. We also purchased an additional jet ski for transportation to and from our Assembler’s Dredge.

Work continues at our secondary location at 4253 Otter Lake Rd. We’ve been working closely with the township and the individuals on the local planning commission to make sure our pole barn facility is in full compliance with the local ordinances. We’ve enlisted the help of an outside architectual firm, AMAG, to help us modify the existing structure to comply with the commercial classification, which the county has determined we fall under versus the agricultural classification we have traditionally operated under in the past. Hopefully we will be able to make all the appropriate improvements and additions within the scope of this season so we can continue growing our operation while maintaining a positive working relationship in the areas where we do business.


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