Operations Summary Pre-2010

Additions & Improvements


MM&S purchased a Freightliner gravel train in December of 2009. We can now haul 50 tons of aggregate per load. Please call the office for availability and pricing. We also added to our plant a 6 x 16 Deister Triple deck screen box and a 50hp 8 x 10 Denver slurry pump for material improvement.


With the national fuel crisis upon us, Mark Martin & Sons, Inc. is prepared to move the company to an earth friendly, “greener” operation. Here at MM&S we make every effort to purchase diesel fuel with a soybean additive, which adds lubricity to an already low sulfur diesel, and because the product is blended with 99.9% soy, at a rate of up to 20%, it simply burns cleaner and more efficiently.

Another source for a greener operation may come in the form of harnessing a wind based power supply in the form of cutting edge wind manipulating technology. We currently use electricity to generate power to our wash plant, however Mark Martin & Sons Inc. is actively seeking out alternative power sources to help promote a cleaner, greener environment for our local community.


Our staff attended the renowned Con-Agg Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the world’s foremost construction and aggregate industry expo! While attending Mark, along with primary loader operator Ryan, attended many informative and educational seminars and classes on what’s new in the industry. New science and cutting edge technology was present at every available booth. This event gave the exhibitors and opportunity to show the attendees what’s new on the market in heavy equipment.

MM&S recently added two new pieces of heavy equipment to our mining fleet. We added a 200 John Deere Excavator and a Case 550 wide track dozer for use in our recently acquired secondary pit. A well trained staff combined with the right pieces of equipment equates to a job well done!


We here at Mark Martin & Sons, Inc. are proud to announce the acquisition of a 120 acre piece of property that will be used as our secondary pit located in beautiful Otter Lake, MI. This new land will be the home of Mark Martin & Sons, Inc. Pit #2. The roads and culverts are already in place and we anticipate this new site to be in full operation within 12 to 24 months. This is especially great news for the staff as they will be able to move with their job to a new location.


Mark attended Ferris State University where he successfully obtained his certification in aggregate testing. This certification is essential to our everyday operation and Mark is more than happy to assist contractors with their sand testing queries. Here at our State rd location we have an aggregate testing facility to help ensure the quality and consistency of the products we serve to our customers.


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