Operations Summary 2019

There were both happy and sad moments for the Martin family during the 2019 operating season. Mark and Autumn welcomed their newest grandchild, Kali Martin, into the world. We want to congratulate Mark’s oldest son Tyler and his wife Ashley, not only for the birth of their daughter but also for their nuptials. For all the joy these events brought our family, we were saddened by the loss of an irreplaceable part of the Martin family: Mark’s mother, Doris Martin, passed away this last year.

We continue to make progress on our Otter Lake location. We hired AMAG, an architectural firm, to help with the building at 4253 Otter Lake road. We’ve been working hard at our Otter Lake Pit with our architectural firm converting the agricultural building to commercial to satisfy the requirements of Marathon Township. We are built a berm along Klam road and got our 2-way repeater up and running to keep in touch with our trucks at an even greater distance than before. We are making progress, but we still a lot to accomplish over in Otter Lake, all the while still operating the State Road pit full-time.

Our dredge and wash plant setup continued to produce great aggregates over the course of the season. We added a Terex haul truck to our equipment fleet in order to better move overburden material to other areas of the property.


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