Operations Summary 2021

We made a lot of improvements this year. We were able to have our electrician set up our 480-volt 200-amp 3 phase service with DTE at our location in Otter Lake for the 3 overhead cranes, our (2) 3 phase Welders and (2) Plasma cutters, new 25hp air compressor, and the 60” automated exhaust fan for keeping the work area free from gas fumes. We purchased a new Truck/Tractor that was excessive inventory from the military. It is in great shape with less than 1,800 miles on it. We painted the truck Mark Martin & Sons Blue to go with the rest of our fleet, we also had the truck lettered. We purchased a Diamond Crusher and have been configuring it so we can make our own 23A/21AA. We purchased a large conveyor magnet for the Diamond Crusher so we can get the re-rod and wire out of the recycled concrete. We also improved both locations, Otisville and the Otter Lake facility, by updating our battery operated power tools to Ryobi and putting our utility truck, unit #8 into service with it fully equipped with Ryobi battery operated tools and with every nut and bolt size available, as well as welder, torches, air compressor, hand tools, etc. and it can be used at both locations to help fix our equipment or on the road to repair our trucks and trailers if needed. We have taken on a new driveway gravel that comes from Ohio and is not well known in Michigan. They call it Duraberm, a slag which is byproduct of molten steel, crushed and reused in driveways. We offer this new gravel in a few different sizes such as 0”X1”, 1”X2” and 1”X3”. We have been very happy with this new material and we hope you will be too. Also, in late 2021, we purchased/ordered a new 2022 John Deere 624P loader with quick disconnect bucket and forks. We will be in 2022, installing scales, printer, and an automatic greasing system on the new 2022 John Deere 624P Loader when we receive it from the factory. This machine will be dedicated to the Otter Lake facility.


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