Operations Summary 2010

2010 was an economically challenging year for Mark Martin & Sons, Inc. Our forward progress was hindered due to poor economic growth, lack luster sales, and most customers tightening their belts to weather the financial downturn. Some positives for the past season are highlighted below.

In 2010 we acquired the permit and final approval from the Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for our 26 acre home site lake. We anticipate this project will meet completion in 2016, pending final approval and funding.

As an upgrade we purchased a Kolberg fine material screw, for enhanced material specifications.

As reclamation continues, we spent a significant amount of time on our north property line and having the home lots surveyed by Davison Land Surveying, labeling each lot with it’s own lot number for future site development.

We’re proud to report that we have purchased Millington Gravel Co. We’re certain this is great news for the folks in the Millington area as their aggregate and soil needs can still be met by a local top performing manufacturer and supplier.

We continue to post our updates on Facebook and Twitter, as we have found this to be a great way of informing our customers of the news here at MM&S.


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