Operations Summary 2017

The 2017 operating season was a spectacular year of growth and expansion at MM&S.

Over the years you’ve heard us talk about the developments at our secondary location. Many of our long term goals for that pit started to become a reality this season. We achieved multiple milestones on our shop. The concrete floor was poured this year and our antenna and radio setup was completed including a repeater to improve our range dramatically. We installed tube heating to fully heat the shop, three phase panel & wiring, we put up and into operation our overhead cranes, ran air lines & installed a 25hp air compressor.

In addition to the various improvements we continued to make at this location, MM&S was contracted to supply thousands of tons of class II sand for a major pipeline running through our surrounding area. We mined all of this sand from our secondary location, getting our first taste of return on our investment over there. As a result of such heavy traffic to this location the mine has drastically increased in size as a tremendous amount of material was hauled out over the entire course of the 2017 season. This increase in truck volume allowed for continued dredge work and wash plant modifications at our main facility in Otisville. At the start of the 2018 season, we plan on moving our dredge from the back pond up to the front pond and uniting the two into one in the process. This puts us one step closer to the reclamation stage of our site plan which will see this location become a residential community in the not so distant future.

Overall, 2017 ended up being one of the most positive and expansive years in recent memory. Our team worked harder then they ever have before and as a result of everyone’s efforts we ended 2017 already making strong, positive headwinds into the 2018 season. We can’t wait to see what it brings!


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