Operations Summary 2016

The 2016 operating season was a year of exciting developments here at MM&S.

For starters, we made several modifications to the wash plant at our main location in Otisville. We added a 5″ x 8″ slurry pump as well as a new 10″ sand cyclone to help assist with our production. We refurbished and installed a 12′ x 48′ McClanahan classifier in March which adds a whole new level of control over the spec of our various aggregate materials.

We continued dredging our lake bed with our 10′ x 12′ Assembler’s Dredge and made a variety of improvements to it throughout the year. We installed a velocity meter to help control the speed of the material as we dredge. We built a dozen new 3′ x 3′ x 10′ pipeline float cans and we tar guarded each of them (which adds extra surface protection). These cans increase the range of our dredge and the ability to maneuver better, so we can reach material that was previously unavailable to us. We also purchased 2000′ of 10″ dredge pipe to allow us to dredge further out from shore. All in all our dredge is running smoothly and we are very pleased with the additions, especially the increased range.

Throughout the season MM&S supplied a lot of material for the KWA pipeline. We continued supplying sand to American Spiral Weld, deepening our working relationship with them. We look forward to continuing to work with them on this and future projects in our surrounding area.

Work still continues at our secondary location in Otter Lake. The carpet and flooring has been installed inside the offices at 4253. Our team finished putting up the white metal sheeting throughout our entire shop area, making it a very well illuminated shop. We bought a server to install in a secure location so we can communicate efficiently between our two locations. We have high-speed broadband and computer access in our office over there so invoicing for that location will be a breeze. We finished installing all 36 overhead lights and 24 ceiling fans and we have purchased and have plans to install a large 5′ exhaust fan in the center of the building (on the west wall), along with a carbon monoxide controller (sniffer apparatus) for the 56′ fan to keep the shop free from harmful fumes.

In June, we ordered a brand new 2017 Kenworth Truck. This truck will be our new delivery vehicle for the 2017 season and beyond. We spent months carefully planning what all we wanted to included in our new truck. The final product comes equipped with all wheel drive, on-board GPS navigation, Sirius XM Radio, and a backup camera, among other features. We hope this new truck will be ready to be put into service at the beginning of the 2017 season.


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