Operations Summary 2015

The 2015 season was another exciting year of positive growth for Mark Martin & Sons, Inc.

The first priority for us this season was getting our dredge ‘sea’ worthy and attaching pipeline in such a way that the dredge is able to pump directly to our wash plant. With the addition of a custom built velocity box designed by our team, we are now able to process previously inaccessible material from the bottom of our lake bed. By streamlining the feeding process to our plant we have managed to cut down on the use of our other equipment, such as our front end loaders, thus offering significant savings on the cost of fuel plus the wear and tear on our equipment. When we get into the 2016 season we have plans to add a 12′ x 48′ classifying tank to our setup which will allow us to produce material at an unprecedented rate.

At our primary location, we reclaimed our class II mining area and we have plans to top dress and vegetate the area this coming spring. Once this reclamation activity has been completed the next step will be the surveying of the area to begin plotting the property for residential development. This is an exciting step for us as we believe the homes that will be built will be a great source of tax revenue for our township. We are very proud of our ability to be able to give back to the community which has done so much for us over the years.

Another priority we had coming into this season was adding blasting sand to our list of available materials. This required us to erect a sand silo we obtained from northern Michigan on the south end of our shop facing our wash plant. We are now one of the only providers of blasting media in the state and the only provider in our surrounding area.

Development is moving forward at our secondary Otter Lake location. We completed construction of our radio communications tower so we will soon have CB and radio contact with the drivers who come to this location as well as maintain 2-way radio contact with our own drivers on the road. Additionally, Charter Communications upgraded the internet and phone systems at this facility which puts us one step closer to being open for business.


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